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Payday loan brokers catching hard-up consumers out, warns NatWest

Payday loan brokers made more than one million attempts to remove money from accounts, according to NatWest

29 October 2014

Bankruptcies down almost 20% during past year

The number of people going bankrupt has fallen to a 15-year low in England and Wales, according to official figures

29 October 2014

Lloyds PPI claims pot raised to £11 billion as payouts soar

The news comes as Lloyds today announced plans to cut 9,000 jobs and close 200 branches

28 October 2014

Guest Comment: More needs to be done to stamp out copycat websites

Chris Evans MP tells what he believes needs to be done to protect people from copycat websites

28 October 2014

Double your Clubcard vouchers in time for Christmas

Tesco Clubcard customers can double the value of their vouchers from today to spend in the run up to Christmas

27 October 2014

Asda's petrol prices to fall to their lowest level since 2010

If you plan to fill up on petrol, wait till tonight at Tesco or tomorrow at Asda as they cut prices by up to 2p/litre

27 October 2014

October 31 paper tax return deadline looms - if you're late you're fined, but you can do online instead

If you need to file a paper self-assessment tax return do it by Friday 31 October to avoid a fine

24 October 2014

'MSE was the best springboard ever for my start-up'

Approved Food founder says he owes the success of his business to frugal MoneySavers and

23 October 2014

Car premiums rise as insurers fail to crack down on fraud

Motorists are seeing the cost of taking out car insurance increase for the first time in more than two years

22 October 2014

Guest comment: How banking bonuses have hit student loan repayments

Freelance higher education writer Andrew McGettigan explains how banking bonuses have affected the new deferment rate

22 October 2014