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Rail fares to rise by an average of 3.4% from January

Passengers face the biggest hike in rail fares for five years with ticket costs set to rise by an average 3.4%

5 December 2017

100,000+ university leavers likely owed £100s as they started repaying their student loan too soon

More than 100,000 university leavers in the last three years alone began repaying their student loan earlier than needed

5 December 2017

New 16-18 Railcard set to cut costs of peak train travel

A new railcard to cut the cost of peak-time travel for 16 to 18-year-olds who are studying or training is to be trialled

4 December 2017

Co-op stores to sell food past its 'best before' date for 10p

The East of England Co-op is to start selling food past its 'best before' date for 10p

4 December 2017

NS&I launches new fixed savings bonds - how do they stack up?

Government-backed savings provider NS&I has launched new fixed savings accounts – though all fall short of the top deals

4 December 2017

Spark Energy customers chased for payment by debt collectors BEFORE bills are due

Spark customers have been contacted by a debt collector telling them they were in arrears before payments were due

1 December 2017

Lost money to a scam involving a Western Union wire transfer? You can now claim a refund from the US

Fraud victims who paid money to scammers via Western Union wire transfers over a 13-year period can now try for refunds

30 November 2017

'Google you owe us': Legal challenge launched on behalf of millions of iPhone users

A consumer campaign group is today launching an unprecedented legal action against Google

30 November 2017

Food labelling shake-up 'to save shoppers £1 billion' - are you keeping the right fruit and veg in the fridge?

New food labelling guidance that could save shoppers £1 billion a year has been published today

29 November 2017

Competition watchdog to take action against ticket resale websites

The competition watchdog has today announced that it will take enforcement action against secondary ticketing websites

28 November 2017