TSB customers are still struggling to log on to its online banking and mobile app more than a month after its IT meltdown began - and the bank STILL can't give any timescale for when the problems will be fully resolved.

The bank's been struggling to fix its IT issues ever since a botched upgrade of its systems at the end of last month. It was supposed to have completed the upgrade on Sunday 22 April, but customers found they were unable to log in to mobile and internet banking, and since then, customers have experienced weeks of disruption.

While complaints about access to accounts have dropped significantly in the past two weeks, they appeared to increase again today, with TSB admitting on its website that some customers were "having issues logging in".

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'What on earth is going on?'

Here's a taster of some of the latest complaints from TSB customers we've seen today:

Even customers who are able to log in have been experiencing a variety of other issues such as getting an error message when they try to make payments on the mobile app, not being able to see their mortgage on online banking and direct debit payments not being taken for TSB credit cards.

Other problems we've reported on in recent days include customers being targeted by fraudsters in the wake of the meltdown - some have lost £10,000s - and the bank mistakenly cancelling the direct debits of customers who've switched away, and claiming they've died.

What's the latest from TSB?

TSB told us today that it's keeping customers informed of the status of its problems via its website, but it wasn't able to give us any date for when its problems are likely to be fixed.

A spokesperson said: "Our mobile app and internet banking are available and working. Customers can make payments through our mobile app and internet banking. However some customers are having difficulties and seeing an error message. We're asking that customers who are having any difficulties get in touch with us on the phone or in branch and we'll be able to help make their payment."

Asked how long it should take for a customer to be compensated after making a complaint, the spokesperson was again unable to give any timescale but said: "We are working as hard and as fast as we can to put things right for customers."