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Heat networks must be regulated says the CMA

The CMA has said heat networks must be regulated following a seven month study into whether customer are protected

24 July 2018

Over one million have just seven days to renew their tax credits

More than a million people are yet to renew their tax credits, with just one week to go until the 31 July deadline

24 July 2018

Starling Bank launches vertical debit card

App-based challenger bank Starling Bank has today launched a vertical debit card

24 July 2018

Virgin customers lose UKTV channels - here's what to do if you're affected

Virgin Media customers have been left unhappy after channels including Dave and Gold were wiped from their boxes

23 July 2018

'Smart meters will save consumers just £11 a year'

Customers who have smart meters installed will save just £11 a year on their energy bills

23 July 2018

Competition watchdog raises concerns over Experian's purchase of Clearscore

The competition watchdog is set to investigate Experian's purchase of fellow credit reference service ClearScore

20 July 2018

Leaves, heat or snow - which seasonal hazard causes the most train problems?

Leaves on the line, snow on the tracks or speed restrictions due to the heat? Which cause the most delays?

20 July 2018

Revealed: How exchanging €100 the wrong way can cost you £20 extra - how to avoid getting ripped off

Holidaymakers could be overpaying by more than £20 per €100 when exchanging their travel money the wrong way this summer

20 July 2018

Now TV to launch reality TV pass for new Keeping Up with the Kardashians season

Now TV is launching a new pass which will allow you to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians

20 July 2018

Ryanair clashes with two regulators over strike compensation

Ryanair is refusing to pay compensation for delays and cancellations caused by strikes by some of its crew and pilots

20 July 2018

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