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Rule change to free mortgage prisoners could happen 'fairly quickly'

FCA chief executive Andrew Bailey, was speaking to MPs this morning

15 January 2019

Ryanair increases baggage fees

Ryanair has raised the cost of flying with a 10kg bag by hiking hold luggage and priority boarding prices, after twice cutting its cabin baggage allowance last year

14 January 2019

Martin Lewis calls on Ryanair boss to refund passengers hit with name-change charges

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis has called on the chief executives of Ryanair and the Civil Aviation Authority to investigate an apparent name-change booking 'glitch' which has cost many passengers at least £115 to fix - and presented them with a dossier detailing over 160 reports of the problem

14 January 2019

Ovo Energy to take on Economy Energy's 235,000 customers

Ovo Energy has been appointed by the energy regulator Ofgem to take on Economy Energy's 235,000 domestic customers, after the firm stopped trading earlier this week

14 January 2019

Residents of Norfolk village reclaim £1,000s in water bill rebates

Word spread on a community Facebook group, and now at least 20 households have claimed back about £200

11 January 2019

1,000 back petition demanding Ryanair refund name-change charges

Ryanair passengers have set up a petition calling on the airline to refund customers who claim they've been unfairly charged £115 to change the name on their booking, after MSE revealed a raft of complaints about the issue

10 January 2019

Lifeline for mortgage prisoners as MSE campaign takes huge step forward

The announcement is a huge step forward for, which has been campaigning on the issue for years

10 January 2019

One in four households now have smart meters

Energy Minister Claire Perry revealed the stat while giving evidence to MPs this morning

9 January 2019

Seven in 10 people who see a bailiff breaking the rules don't complain

The charity says 72% of people who experience a bailiff breaking the rules do not complain at all

9 January 2019

Pension cold-calling banned

Pension cold-calling has been made illegal from today, in a bid to tackle pension scams - here's what you need to know

9 January 2019

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