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SSE takes on failed supplier Brilliant Energy's 17,000 customers

SSE has been appointed by energy regulator Ofgem to take on Brilliant Energy's 17,000 domestic customers.

SSE say it will move Brilliant Energy customers onto its standard variable tariff, and honour all outstanding credit balances of both existing and former customers, after Brilliant Energy stopped trading on Monday.

Customers who get their bills from Northumbria Energy were also supplied by Brilliant Energy under what's known as a 'white label' arrangement – and these customers will also be transferred to SSE and get any credit back.

I'm a Brilliant Energy customer – what happens now?

If you're an existing Brilliant Energy or Northumbria Energy customer, your energy supply will continue as normal and you'll be switched over to SSE on Friday 15 March.

SSE should write to you in the next few days to let you know what's happening, before contacting you again in the coming weeks to let you know it has set up your new account.

Your current tariff with Brilliant Energy or Northumbria Energy will end, and according to SSE you'll be placed on its standard variable tariff. On typical use, this costs an average £1,254/yr - over £300/yr more than the cheapest on the market.

You won't be charged exit fees switch away however, so once SSE contacts you to confirm you've been transferred, you can use our free Cheap Energy Club to do a full market comparison and see if you can save by switching.

To be safe, it's worth taking a meter reading in the next couple of days, just in case you later have a billing dispute. If you need any further support, Ofgem has a comprehensive set of FAQs.

I'm in credit with Brilliant Energy – will I get it back?

Yes, Ofgem says all credit balances will be honoured for both Brilliant Energy and Northumbria Energy. You can continue to use this to offset future energy use, or request a refund.

If you'd left Brilliant Energy prior to it stopping trading and are owed credit, this will also be honoured by SSE.

I owe Brilliant Energy money – what should I do?

Current and former customers who owe money or are in debit to Brilliant Energy should wait to hear either from Brilliant Energy's administrators or SSE.

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