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Travellers face flight and coach disruption if there's a no-deal Brexit

Passengers could face travel disruption on flights and coach journeys in the event of a no-deal Brexit

24 September 2018

Wizz Air named the worst airline for UK flight delays

Wizz Air has the worst punctuality record of the busiest airlines departing from UK airports

6 August 2018

Claiming for a flight delay? Don't always go to the airline named on your booking

A new court ruling means airline passengers shouldn't always go to the airline listed on their booking documents

12 July 2018

Wizz Air cuts cabin baggage allowance

Wizz Air passengers will now have to pay up to £22 extra if they want to take larger hand luggage bags into the cabin.

28 June 2018

London City airport flights cancelled due to WWII bomb - your rights

More than 100 flights have been cancelled after London City Airport was closed when an unexploded WW2 bomb was found

12 February 2018

Heavy travel disruption after snow batters UK: your rights

All you need to know if affected by road, rail or air disruption as the country is hit by the cold snap

10 December 2017

British Airways to launch new boarding policy - here's what you need to know

British Airways will introduce a policy to board travellers with the cheapest tickets in two separate groups

20 November 2017

Court ruling opens door to flight delay claims for missed connections

Hundreds of thousands of travellers who have missed connecting flights with non-EU airlines could now be able to claim

13 October 2017

Ryanair wrongly denies passenger compensation for cancelled flight

Ryanair has apologised after a passenger caught up in the cancellation chaos last month was denied compensation

13 October 2017

Regulator backtracks on replacement flights for inbound-only Monarch passengers

The regulator has backtracked on replacement flights for inbound-only Monarch passengers

11 October 2017