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Households ripped off by £430 each year, report says

Every household is being ripped off to the tune of £430 a year by financial firms, according to a new study

21 September 2012

Ed Miliband attacks high pension charges

Labour is planning to turn its fire on pension companies which rip off their customers with excessive fees and charges

13 July 2012

Scottish Parliament to debate payday loan regulation

A Member of the Scottish Parliament will today call for the UK government to introduce stricter controls on payday lenders

12 January 2012

MP wants debt firms to state free alternatives

Labour's Yvonne Fovargue introduced a bill requiring firms to include information about where people can access free debt advice in all of their advertising

20 October 2011

Energy summit: Government to promote switching

Prime Minister David Cameron wants more households to scour the market for cheaper gas and electricity

17 October 2011

Scottish and Southern Energy throws open electricity market

SSE is to auction all of its power on the open market in a bid to bring new new suppliers into the energy market

12 October 2011

Ed Balls calls for compulsory financial education

The Shadow Chancellor has given his backing to our petition calling for financial education to be compulsory in schools

9 September 2011

Motorists call for £1 per litre petrol in Budget

The vast majority of motorists believe a litre of petrol should cost no more than £1, a poll of more than 14,000 reveals

17 March 2011