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NatWest and RBS scrap 0% credit card deals – but their new offer can be beaten

NatWest and RBS have launched a new deal which charges 6.9% representative APR on transferred balances and spending

17 March 2014

New Nationwide balance transfer credit card tops best buys

Credit card users looking for a new balance transfer card should consider Nationwide's new deal

20 February 2014

Santander is most-complained about bank, FCA figures show

Santander has the most complaints per customer, the new Financial Conduct Authority says

15 April 2013

Barclays and Lloyds TSB top complaints bad boy league as PPI gripes soar

Barclays and Lloyds TSB are the worst of the major banks for wrongly dismissing customer complaints, says the Ombudsman

5 March 2013

Lloyds TSB and MBNA worst for fobbing off complaints

Lloyds and MBNA are the worst of the major banks for fobbing off consumers, new data from the Ombudsman shows

11 September 2012

PPI reclaiming getting easier

Providers have improved the PPI reclaiming process, following a campaign by MSE and Which?

14 August 2012

Avoid the blocked card holiday nightmare

Many holidaymakers will soon be jetting off for the summer, find out if it's worth letting your card provider know

13 July 2012

Reject credit card hikes after banks up rates

Thousands of credit card customers face interest rate hikes, but you can reject them to escape the higher payments

13 March 2012

Banks wrongly reject PPI complaints, despite admitting mis-selling

Numerous providers wrongly reject payment protection insurance complaints, despite banks putting billions aside to pay claims

28 February 2012

MBNA to issue both Amex and Visa to airline credit card holders

MBNA will issue many airline credit card customers with two forms of plastic to maximise their chances of collecting points to exchange for flights

15 December 2011