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Best-buy savings accounts often beat investing in the stock market, study finds

Putting money into a best buy savings account may no longer be the poor relation of investing in shares

15 June 2016

The secret to avoiding bad financial decisions

Suppose I offer you a bet on the toss of a coin. If you win you get £100, if I win you give me £1. Would you bet?

27 February 2015

Find the cheapest stocks & shares ISAs

It's a new tax year and everyone has a new ISA allowance to use. Here's how to take advantage of stocks and shares ISAs

16 April 2014

Shares decimated amid world economic turmoil

London's leading shares index sustained more heavy losses today as the turmoil engulfing world markets showed no signs of easing

5 August 2011

'Don't panic', investors are told, amid market slump

Experts point out investments are usually a long-term game so there may be time for the market to bounce back

5 August 2011

Guest Comment: Should you open a cash or investment Isa?

A month into the tax year, savers must make that crucial Isa choice. Dennis Hall, from Yellowtail Financial Planning, explains.

6 May 2011