Should pension tax relief be halved to 20% for higher earners?

Pensions are a powerful tax break – allowing and encouraging people to save for retirement from PRE-TAX salary – at a cost to the Treasury of an estimated £35bn/yr. In simple terms… FOR EACH £100 SAVED IT ONLY COSTS A… - Basic 20% rate (salaries c. £11,500+) taxpayer £80 from their pay packet - Higher 40% rate (salaries c. £45,000+) taxpayer £60 from their pay packet - Top 45% rate (salaries c. £150,000+) taxpayer £55 from their pay packet Some argue this is fair as everyone simply saves on paying income tax, others say higher earners do better as their tax gain is at least double. One idea mooted for the Autumn Budget is everyone just gets a 20% tax break, ie, a cut for higher earners, and a saving to the Treasury of over £10bn/yr. Do you think pension tax relief should be cut for higher-rate taxpayers?

Is a degree earnings-enhancing and life-enhancing?

The debate about the cost and value of university rumbles on, so we want to test your ‘big picture’ view. Imagine you were telling a bright 18-year old about whether they should go or not. In general is getting a degree earnings-enhancing and life-enhancing?

Is it time to extend the smoking ban?

There are 1.9m fewer British smokers since the ban was introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland a decade ago (11yrs ago in Scotland). The ban makes it illegal to smoke in an enclosed public place and within the workplace, though it doesn't apply to e-cigarettes. Is the ban right and should it be extended more? Please vote for ONE option under the category that applies to you.

Do you support renationalisation of rail, energy, water and more?

This week, Labour reaffirmed its commitment to taking back into public ownership a raft of services which in the 1980s were privatised (usually by floating them on the stock market). Those arguing for privatisation often focus on increased efficiency due to competition. Those against often say firms do what’s best for shareholders, not for consumers. For EACH service below please vote on your view on whether it should be renationalised.

How do you access your bank most often?

With over 750 bank branches being closed this year, the digital revolution is taking over – not just online, but now with a host of app-based banks too. So we wanted to find out how you access your bank and whether it depends on your age. Please select the way you MOST COMMONLY INTERACT with your bank.

The Annual Census

So who are MoneySavers? For the fourth year running, rather than data-mining, we reckon the politest way to find out is just to ask. Plus we think you may like to find out a little bit more about who else uses this site (or more accurately, who uses this site and answers the polls). Welcome to the fourth annual MSE census. Please answer the following 11 questions.

Have you paid for cosmetic surgery/treatments?

So are you all natural, or have you paid out to pimp up your look? We want to see how many people shell out on cosmetic procedures, and which ones. (Of course, some cosmetic surgery is a medical necessity, paid for by the NHS or insurance, so we’re not talking about that.) Please select what type of surgery or treatment you've PAID for under the relevant category.

What puts you off from reclaiming mis-sold PPI?

It was announced this week that the majority of people likely owed compensation for PPI haven’t claimed it yet. There are only two years left for people to claim, and given many could be owed thousands plus a new ruling means just having had PPI makes it likely you were mis-sold, we want to know what is putting people off. So if you've an inkling you've had PPI in the past, what puts you off reclaiming? Please select the single biggest reason which applies to you.

What puts you off / frustrates you about switching energy?

During the election, we were gobsmacked when the man in charge of UK energy policy, business secretary Greg Clark, said: "I haven't switched, one of the reasons is... it is quite a hassle." If he's never switched, how does he know it's too much hassle? Yet unlike Greg Clark, you're not paid to understand switching policy, though it does pay to switch. So we wanted to find out what, if anything, puts you off switching (even if you do it regularly)… So energy bill payers, please select ALL the issues with switching which apply to you.

How common are free flight upgrades?

Are the days of trying to sweet-talk check-in staff to get a free upgrade to premium economy, business, or first class, long gone? Many airlines now sell spare upgrade capacity at the desk. So we want to see how common free upgrades are. Please answer the closest to your situation for flights IN THE PAST TWO YEARS.