Missed out on Glastonbury tickets? Here are four ways you can still go for FREE

Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2020 went on sale last week and were snapped up within minutes. If you missed out, there are still a number of FREE ways to get to Glasto – though you'll usually have to fork out a deposit upfront (which you'll get back).

We originally wrote this blog last year, but as much of the information still stands, we've given it an update to help if you're hoping to get to Glastonbury 2020.

When is Glastonbury 2020?

The 50th Glastonbury Festival is being held on 24-28 June 2020. If you weren't able to bag a ticket when they were released, or you just can't afford one right now, there are some alternative ways to get into the festival... without digging a hole under the fence.

To mark the festival's 50th anniversary, organisers have also held back 50 pairs of tickets which will be sold via a ballot to those who have missed out so far. It's a bit of a gimmick, given a whopping 2.4 million people registered to try and buy tickets last week, but it could be worth a try. The festival says details of how to enter the ballot will be announced in the coming days, so keep an eye on the official Glastonbury website.

How can I get in for free?

The easiest way to go to Glastonbury for free is to volunteer with a charity. You usually have to work three eight-hour shifts over five days (Wed-Sun), and the rest of the time is yours to do what you like. What's more, if you volunteer you often get access to a private campsite, hot showers and free meals (something many festival goers would be very thankful for).

You don't have to buy a ticket to the festival, though you'll be asked to pay a deposit of about £250-£300 (roughly the same cost as a ticket) when you sign up to volunteer. You'll get this back if you complete all your shifts, and in some cases some training beforehand, and follow the charity's guidelines.

Option 1: Work in a bar for Shelter

  • When does registration open? TBC, likely February/March 2020.
  • How do I apply? Keep an eye on Shelter's Twitter and Facebook pages for updates in the New Year.
  • What does it involve? Working in a bar, serving drinks (no previous experience required).
  • How many shifts do I have to do? Three eight-hour shifts over five days (Wed-Sun).
  • How much is the deposit? £300.
  • Any other perks? Shelter provides transport to the festival, as well as a campsite for volunteers, with hot showers, phone charging, tea and coffee. You'll also get meal vouchers to use in its catering tent.

Option 2: Steward for Oxfam

  • When does registration open? "Early in the New Year (2020)".
  • How do I apply? Register your interest to get more info nearer the time.
  • What does it involve? Checking tickets and wristbands at the gates, and directing people to and from stages.
  • How many shifts? Three eight-hour shifts over six days (Wed-Mon).
  • How much is the deposit? £260.
  • Any other perks? Oxfam has its own campsite for volunteers, with hot showers, phone charging, hot water, tea and coffee. You'll also get meal vouchers to use on site.

Oxfam also has volunteer roles available for campaigning and working in its festival shops. Check out its festival roles page for more info.

Option 3: Fill water bottles, clean toilets and more for WaterAid

  • When does registration open? In January 2020 – register with WaterAid to hear exactly when applications open.
  • What does it involve? Roles could include cleaning toilets, running water kiosks and litter picking. You'll also need to complete pre-festival training.
  • How many shifts? WaterAid says full details will be available in January.
  • How much is the deposit? Again, WaterAid says details will be confirmed in January.
  • Any other perks? WaterAid has a secure campsite for volunteers with shower and toilet access. You'll also get food vouchers or a food expense allowance, and will be able to claim back part of your travel costs.

Option 4: Got medical or first aid qualifications?

If you have medical, paramedic or first aid qualifications, you can apply to join a team of volunteers by completing the application on Festival Medical Services.

We've asked the group for more details, such as how many hours you'd be expected to volunteer, but it said it wasn't able to share them with us.

Interested in volunteering with Samaritans? You MAY be able to get into Glasto in the future

Samaritans also has a festival branch, but it's for those who want to commit to volunteering with the charity long term, rather than those just looking for a way to go to Glastonbury.

You'll need to be selected, trained, attend ongoing training, and be a listening volunteer with the festival branch for over a year before you'll be considered for inclusion in the Glastonbury team (even then, this isn't guaranteed).

If you do decide to make the commitment, here's the info:

  • When does registration open? You can register your interest now, but selection and training will take place over four weekends in February, March, April and May 2020.
  • How do I apply? Fill in the volunteer interest form and you'll be sent details nearer the time.
  • What does it involve? Providing a face-to-face support service at the festival.
  • How many shifts? Samaritans told us working patterns are at the discretion of the festival branch and involve around the clock working, in three-to-four-hour shifts.
  • How much is the deposit? No deposit is currently required.
  • Any other perks? Samaritans covers travel costs and provides food to volunteers.

Volunteer to check wristbands and get into Glasto plus another festival for £30

You can volunteer with Festaff, a company that provides casual workers to festivals, to check wristbands at the Glastonbury gates.

You'll be asked to pay a £240 deposit, of which £15 will be kept as an admin fee.

In addition, you'll need to volunteer at another festival with Festaff. For this festival, you'll need to pay a £35 deposit, of which £15 will be kept as an admin fee.

You'll get the two deposits back when you've completed work at both festivals, so if the next event isn't until August, for example, you won't get your £245 back until then.

While this is a more expensive option than those listed above, Festaff claims 90% of shifts are completed in the first few days, before the bands hit the stages.

  • When does registration open? March 2020. But you can fill out your details now in preparation. It's worth noting Festaff gives priority to people who've volunteered with it at other events in previous years, but it still expects there to be space for newbies.
  • How many shifts? Three eight-hour shifts over five days (Wed-Sun).

Still want to buy a ticket? There's a resale next year

If you'd rather go to the festival without working, and you're happy to fork out £265 (plus a £5 admin fee) for a ticket, you might still be able to get one.

Anyone who nabbed a ticket in the recent ticket sales will need to pay the full amount by 7 April 2020. Any tickets not paid for by the deadline are then put up for resale.

Tickets, including coach travel, will go back on sale on 16 April, and general admission tickets (which don't include travel) will be resold on 19 April.

IMPORTANT: You must register in advance.

If you want to try to bag a ticket, remember to register your details so you're eligible to buy one once the resale begins.

Registration will open again on Friday 1 November, and will close a few days before the resale, so don't leave it until the last minute.