Buying Tesco Free From products? Time it right and Tesco will donate 10p per item bought to the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation

In 2016, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse tragically died from a severe allergic reaction after eating inadequately-labelled food. It's the worst-case scenario any person with allergies could face, and a parent's worst nightmare. Natasha's parents set up a charity, Natasha Allergy Research Foundation (NARF), to help fund allergy research, and to bring positive change for people with food allergies.

Tesco has partnered with NARF during World Allergy Week, from Sunday 13 June to Saturday 19 June 2021, to help raise funds for allergy research. You won't need to pay any extra to help raise money, and you don't even need to change what you'd normally buy if you already purchase from the Tesco Free From range.

How do I donate to charity with my shopping?

Tesco will donate 10p from the sale of every own-label Tesco Free From product sold from Sunday 13 June to Saturday 19 June  bought either online or in stores, to NARF. So if you normally purchase from the Tesco Free From range, time it right and you'll be helping the charity. If you don't normally buy free from but would like to help support NARF, even if you buy a 40p chocolate bar, Tesco will donate 10p to the charity.

Important: If you or your family have allergies, don't assume 'free from' automatically means free from all allergens. Some items will still contain cow's milk, eggs, gluten, or other allergens, so check the packet every time, especially if you're buying for a little one who can't check the packet themselves.

For more information on the work NARF is doing, see Natasha Allergy Research Foundation.