Blue stones, green fingers & purple mould – this week's MSE Forum highlights

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Signs, savings & strange smells – this week's MSE Forum highlights

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21 free (or very cheap) ways to sprinkle joy for kids over half term

With February half term upon us, we've rounded up 21 tips to keep the wee ones entertained without a hefty price tag. Whether you're staying indoors or wrapping up to spend time outside, we've activities to make time fly – from glamping in the front room to having a virtual tiger come to tea in your kitchen.

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How I got £20 of food & drink for 65p – my week of couponing

There's no sugar-coating it, times are tough and the latest financial crisis (yes, I remember 2008) is still hitting pockets hard. While the heyday of extreme couponing might be over (see my blog Is couponing kaput? for more on this) occasionally the planets align and I get in a good week of couponing, and you can, too!

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