Lettuce, lottery tickets & loud tenants – this week's MSE Forum highlights

If you appreciate pictures of various types of food, this week's MSE Forum highlights have you covered.

Badges, blogging & bullion – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Amid news of the upcoming energy price cap and other cost of living challenges, take heart in the support, wisdom and MoneySaving inspiration on the MSE Forum. Here are a few of this week's highlights.

Vanilla, veg & vexatious neighbours – this week's MSE Forum highlights

If you're a regular community member, why not challenge yourself to tread some new boards? Usually on the Budgeting & bank accounts? Why not see what the Old style MoneySaving section's all about? It's a big 'ol place, as this week's MSE Forum highlights can attest to.

Commas, kittens & cash prizes – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Alongside the usual crowdsourced tips and tricks, this week saw the launch of the MSE Forum's Ask An Expert event, where posters could put their energy questions to a couple of members of our Utilities team. Read about this and more in the week's MSE Forum highlights.

Tips and tricks to get more bucks for selling your books

I love big books and I cannot lie, but one thing you can't deny... is most modern books hold their value about as well as cars and, in my case, take up more space in my house. But don't chuck 'em – I've tips and tricks on how to sell books for the highest price, plus where's best to donate books that won't sell.

Homes, hornets & high heels – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Cheeky cocktails and surprise fungi – this week's MSE Forum highlights are as unpredictable as ever. We hope you'll get involved in the conversation.

Beetles, bathtubs & low-ABV beer – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Another week of community discourse has produced a stellar crop of wisdom and witticisms. Dig into the latest MSE Forum highlights.

Rooks, records & renting dilemmas – this week's MSE Forum highlights

It's property versus animal this week, as rooks, squirrels and hedgehogs grind homeowners' gears. Read about this and more in the week's MSE Forum highlights.

Hedgehogs, holidays & heatwave hacks – this week's MSE Forum highlights

With the days being as soupy as they are across much of the UK, we've compiled a list of MSE Forum-sourced ideas for how to stay cool in a heatwave. Check 'em out and add your own, then tuck into the rest of this week's MSE Forum highlights.

Heading abroad? Watch out for hefty fines (or worse) for peeing in the sea, wearing flip-flops or feeding pigeons

You've booked your trip, packed your bags and learned a bit of the lingo... but have you checked up on any local laws or customs that might catch you out on your holiday? While some may seem strange based on the culture here, they may of course be perfectly sensible based on cultures elsewhere – though we're not sure what to make of compulsory 'budgie smugglers' in some swimming pools in France.