Grab bundles of craft supplies from £1 via scrap stores

From tinsel to textiles, buttons to bubble wrap, ReusefulUK scrap stores let you grab dirt-cheap craft materials that might otherwise have been sent to landfill. With over 50 locations across the UK, the stores are ideal for families looking to work on fun art projects over the summer holidays. They're also handy for artists, schools, childminders and community groups.

Prices vary by location. At some, there’s a small annual fee, then you can get what you need at a small extra cost. Others just charge per bundle or price items separately. This deal was mentioned on The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV last year, and many got in touch to ask for more info, so we’ve written this blog.

15 free or cheap kids' book tricks

To mark this year's World Book Day on Thursday 2 March, we've rounded up 15 free and cheap ways to turn your little ones into bookworms. 

11 tricks to get school-aged kids looked after for less this summer

The summer holidays are upon us. Those endless, lazy days lolling around in the sunshine – for the kids that is. For many working parents, it’s the start of the annual summer childcare scrabble, as they hunch over the spreadsheet of doom, trying to work out how to pay for it all. 

Charity shop bargain-hunting tricks

There's been a bumper crop of donations to charity shops this summer, thanks to people's lockdown clear-outs. Charities want you to take advantage, so we've rounded up our top tricks and tips to help you find the best items – including where to head for designer clobber, spotting sales and buying online.

9 ways to turn unwanted clothes into cash

Many are looking for ways to put more cash in their coffers at the moment, and one option could be to flog your unwanted clobber. Clearing out your wardrobe is a great jumping-off point for a spring declutter – and it's likely you've £100s of untapped reserves hanging up forgotten on your wardrobe rails.

MSE Rhiannon: ‘How my MoneySaving Mum taught me all I know’

It's my Mum's 69th birthday on Wednesday 5th February. Well, it would've been had we not lost her at 55 to cancer. We've been forced to celebrate many occasions without her for over a decade, but this year I've decided it's time for me to celebrate my MoneySaving Mum and how she taught me all I know.

How I survived my nightmare yoga holiday... then claimed ALL of my money back

I needed a holiday, and every fibre in my body was telling me to go frolic with nature. Trees. Birds. Frogs. Puppies. Anything. I didn't have anyone to go with and nor did I have any clue where to go. So like any millennial, I went to my mum and asked what to do: "Go on a singles holiday", she said. Go alone? And a lone wolf I was. I typed into the web, 'yoga retreat for single people', as I love yoga and my single status (thanks for reminding me mum).

Would you PAY to book your sunbed by the pool in advance?

An option to book a sunlounger before you begin packing your suitcase sounds like a winning idea – but it comes with a €25 (£22) price tag. Thomas Cook has today announced the launch of its ‘choose your favourite sunbed’ option, which lets you pick your poolside spot up to six days before you jet off, and...

Why throwing your pay & display ticket away after use could cost £100

It’s increasingly common for car parks to have CCTV cameras, and often you’ll find a parking charge arrives in the post instead of being slapped on your windscreen. So if you’ve paid and displayed, it’s crucial to ALWAYS keep hold of the evidence so you can prove it. This blog post was prompted by one MoneySaver getting...

Travelling on Virgin Trains without a railcard? Here’s a quick trick to get 10% off West Coast routes

Anyone who, like me, falls outside the eligibility criteria for a railcard discount, knows how frustrating it can be paying full price for train fares. Gone are the days of my 16-25 railcard discount, and while the Two Together railcard’s great, it’s no good if you’re travelling on your own. So I was impressed to find out...