25 tricks to boost storage and improve the look of your home

Want to save on space and spruce up your house or flat? There are lots of nifty MoneySaving tricks to make the most of where you live, from low-cost ways to make your bathroom sparkle to raising your bed to create storage space underneath.

Gardening on a budget: Ways to save money whatever size your plot

Spring is in the air and whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie this year, have a huge garden or a small balcony, I've plenty of ways to save on everything from seeds to trowels and even compost sharing.

10 things we learned about buying our first homes during the coronavirus pandemic

At MSE we know how daunting buying your first home can be, and the already big hurdles that come with homebuying have only been raised higher by the disruption caused by coronavirus and the resultant lockdown.

Living near Nando’s nearly cost me my mortgage

Nando’s usually results in a bad taste in my experience, not home-buying problems (apologies to Nando’s lovers).  For me, it’s caused troubles in getting a mortgage. My home is in a large, newish block, with the chicken specialist close by and a small Tesco on the other side of the building. When I bought the flat in...

Getting a mortgage? Don’t assume your bank knows best

My fiancé and I are lucky to be in a position to buy an actual house, and even luckier to have had an offer accepted. We’re now quite a way through the process but we weren’t quite lucky enough to buy without a mortgage, so securing one was naturally the next step. Now we’d already spoken to a...

Help to Buy and other mortgage schemes – make sure you have all the info

My boyfriend and I are hoping to buy a house in the not too distant future, and have begun making enquiries after many discussions about where and how we would do it. We live in a flat on a new development that is still being completed. And when we saw houses available there that fit our criteria,...