It's never too early for a thrifty, gifty Christmas!

As the MSE Forum Manager and semi-resident Old Style expert/fanatic of MSE, I am (in)famous across our office floor for being a human incarnation of a cornucopia of homemade cakes, cordials, preserves and sweets. Even Martin has fallen for the charms of my balsamic pecans, and my appearances in the office on a Monday morning usually gets a few greetings of "hey *cough* any… banana bread?"

Over and out – now the PPI deadline's passed, we're celebrating our Forumites' reclaim successes

Yes, we're STILL banging on about PPI reclaiming… sorry, not sorry.

How I survived my nightmare yoga holiday... then claimed ALL of my money back

I needed a holiday, and every fibre in my body was telling me to go frolic with nature. Trees. Birds. Frogs. Puppies. Anything. I didn't have anyone to go with and nor did I have any clue where to go. So like any millennial, I went to my mum and asked what to do: "Go on a singles holiday", she said. Go alone? And a lone wolf I was. I typed into the web, 'yoga retreat for single people', as I love yoga and my single status (thanks for reminding me mum).