Easter craft ideas from the MSE Forum

There's nothing like the approach of Easter to get a craftperson's fingers twitching. We asked the MSE Forum to share their MoneySaving DIY Easter inspo, and we were rewarded with pictures of homemade decorations, Creme egg 'warmers', pastel-coloured cakes and more.

The Crafting board is a hub for all things homemade, and is an especially useful resource when there's a special occasion on the horizon. Below are some of the do-it-yourself ideas we found, including ones responding to our callout in the thread Let's see photos of your Easter crafts.

Easter Sunday falls on 17 April 2022. That's plenty of time to give some of these a go.

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Cracking little egg holders

There's an aspirational thread on the Crafting board entitled  2022 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things! It's there that Forumite Deb4 posted these pictures of her Easter egg holders, handmade from card.

Hatty Easter

MSE Clare helped her six-year-old create this head-turning Easter bonnet for a school parade. The hat was a charity shop purchase and the foam stickers were from a Hobbycraft Easter set. The main feature is the chick on top, an old baby toy which tweets when you press its tummy.

Felt like it

MSE Bernadette is our in-house crafts queen. She made these hanging Easter decorations a few years ago as gifts for family.  They're made from felt stuffed with kapok.

Knits & pieces

Forumite Florenceem has been busy knitting these Creme egg warmers and baskets. She used a free pattern from a crafting blog and bought other patterns from Etsy. She'll be selling these as part of a charity fundraiser.

I'm getting strong Studio Ghibli vibes from the characters at the bottom left.

Good g'wreath

The work of Katiehound, these little egg wreaths are made from double yarn crocheted over old wooden or metal curtain rings, with the addition of wooden eggs bought from Flying Tiger. "I already had the wooden motifs but a tiny flower and bow at the top works just as well," they said.

I want to bake free

These delectable eats were baked last Easter by Forumite sarah1972. Check out those spring pastel colours.

For more edible crafting, see  Have you had success making your own chocolate Easter eggs?, where Forumites share their tips for making eggs from scratch with molds.

We're all going on an egg hunt

Elsewhere on the Forum, we asked for  Cheap Easter egg hunt ideas, like this riddle-based hunt below. We'd love some more, so if you arrange a hunt for friends or kids, please let us know what you do.

From all at MSE HQ: Happy Easter.