Bees, budgets & bed slats – this week's MSE Forum highlights

It's a slightly slenderer MSE Forum highlights round-up this time, what with the Platinum Jubilee cutting the working week short. Nonetheless, it's a good'un. Here's a skim of what's been happening in the community this week.

New month, new challenge

New challenges are springing up across the MSE Forum to ring in the start of a new month. If you need to give your finances a little TLC, you might like to join in and benefit from the support and accountability of the community.

June Grocery Challenge
Work out your budget for the month and stick to it.

Challenge to make an extra £10 a day in June 2022
Glean inspiration and support as you work to boost your income by a tenner.

A recurring challenge from the Debt-free Wannabe Challenges board, this month's iteration focuses on debt-busting, saving and looking after your wellbeing.

No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries June 2022
Keep up the pampering while lowering the spending. Use up the toiletries you've got while learning ways to repurpose or sell off the ones you don't want, as well as other tips.

Money Moral Dilemma

Every week, the Money Tips email features a real-life Money Moral Dilemma (MMD for short). They're intended to encourage debate and, as such, they're usually among the most discussed threads each week.

Should I get my brother a cheaper cupboard and use the money saved to pay for fuel?

My brother wants to buy a cupboard from a well-known furniture retailer. Delivery's £40, but I live close to a store so he's asked me to buy it for him and drive it the 50 miles to his house! I've seen the same cupboard for collection for half the price on an online marketplace. Should I get that for him and keep the money saved to pay for my petrol, and my time?

You can find out what our MSE Forumites think and add your own two cents on the Money Moral Dilemma discussion thread. Remember the MSE Forum rules: keep it kind and keep it clean. Remember, there's a real person behind every Money Moral Dilemma.

Got a Money Moral Dilemma of your own? Email us at and it could be featured.

Latest comping wins

One of the most frequented boards, Competitions Time, is where compers come to find and share competitions. There are countless success stories, but here is a picture of one of the most recent: a cheese gift box won by avril1985 from Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Your two cents

Following the Government's announcement about the £400 energy grant, which will no longer be a loan that has to be paid back, we want to know: are you worried you won't be able to receive it for any reason? Let us know your situation by adding to a relevant conversation on the Energy board. If there's nothing that fits, start a new thread of your own.

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