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  • 'Free' £3.25 Scrambled Oggs vegan egg

    'Free' £3.25 Scrambled Oggs vegan egg

    Via cashback app Green Jinn. At Sainsbury's or Waitrose only


    MSE Update Monday 30 January: We've received reports that Green Jinn is not paying the full amount to users after Waitrose changed it pricing so we have expired this deal.

    If you're shopping at Sainsbury's or Waitrose only and pick up a 330ml bottle of Scrambled Oggs vegan egg (normally £3.25), make sure you keep your receipt safe as you can claim £3.25 back – or an amount making it free – via Green Jinn until Tuesday 31 January. After downloading the app via the link, the Oggs offer should be the first to pop up. You must access the offer via the above link to get the offer.

    To get the cashback, you'll need to select the offer and scan your receipt in the app before the end date, ideally as soon as you get home from shopping or before you put away your online shop so you don't forget.

    MSE Rhiannon says:

    Green Jinn is a cashback app like Shopmium, except offers change once a week and you need to reach £1.50 in cashback before you can pay the money out into your bank account or PayPal account. As offers sometimes disappear early, we confirmed with Oggs that this offer will be valid until the end of the month. As the full amount is over £1.50, you should be able to request payment as soon as the cashback is approved.

  • 'Free' £1.80 Lucky Saint alcohol-free lager

    'Free' £1.80 Lucky Saint alcohol-free lager

    Via cashback. Pick up item in-store at Sainsbury's, Tesco or Morrisons


    If you buy a single 330ml can or bottle of Lucky Saint alcohol-free lager in-store at Sainsbury's, Tesco or Morrisons, you can get up to £1.90 back – paid into a PayPal or bank account – via marketing platform Hashting, when you upload your receipt.

    When we checked, a 330ml can/bottle cost £1.80 at Sainsbury's and Tesco (or £1.50 with a Clubcard), and £2 at Morrisons. This means if you buy the product at Sainsbury's or Tesco, the item will be completely free after cashback. You won't get cashback if you buy the beer online.

    The offer will end at 11.59pm on Tuesday 31 January, or when 1,700 redemptions have been made, whichever's sooner – so go quick if you want it. Each household can apply for cashback once.

    Hashting says you should receive your cashback within 30 days. You'll only get back the amount you paid up to £1.90, so if you buy the item for £2 for example, you'll get £1.90 back – see full T&Cs.

    To claim, go online to Hashting and (confusingly) you'll be sent another link to claim via WhatsApp, or if you'd prefer, sent via text message – so you'll have to give your mobile number if you don't use WhatsApp.

    Please be Drinkaware.

    • Hashting describes itself as something like an 'app-less' cashback app, as all the links and information you'll need to claim is sent to you via text message or WhatsApp, so unlike apps such as Shopmium, Topcashback, or Quidco you don't need to join up.