Free £7 Impossible vegan chicken nuggets

Where to pick up a portion of plant-based nugs in London, Brighton or Leeds until Wednesday 13 November

Whether you celebrate 'National Nugget Day' on Monday 13 November or not, a free portion of nuggets worth £7 is not to be sniffed at... Here's where and when you can get them.

If nuggets are your thing, you can pick up a portion of plant-based Impossible 'chicken' nuggets from Monday 13 November until Wednesday 15 November at selected locations while stock lasts. Impossible Foods says you don't need to purchase anything else to pick 'em up, making it a fantastic freebie.

You'll need to be quick as there are only 75 portions of six nuggets available at each location, and you can't order them online, so you'll need to visit the restaurant to nab your nugs. It's one per person, so put that fake moustache away, and you'll need to be over 18 or 'supervised' by someone over 18 to be eligible for this offer.

Participating locations include:

If you've allergies, it's worth noting that Impossible nuggets contain both wheat and soy. See Impossible Foods for full T&Cs, and more allergen information.

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Will you be picking these up? What's your favourite food freebie? Let us know on Twitter.