Npower will launch a boiler scrappage scheme of its own on Monday.

The energy giant will offer £400 off a new boiler when you replace one over 10 years old.

The announcement follows yesterday's Pre-Budget Report, where the Chancellor stated a Government initiative to recycle old boilers would begin next year (see the PBR: Boiler scrappage scheme MSE News story).

The Government scheme will offer households up to £400 off new boilers when replacing a 'G-Rated' appliance, which is the least efficient type.

Npower says that once the Government initiative gets underway you'll qualify for £800 off a new boiler if your appliance matches the criteria for both schemes and you apply via Npower.

A new boiler could cost anything from £600 to £3,000, depending on the model.

Full details of how this will work have yet to be announced.

Westminster says its plan will help 125,000 households replace old appliances.

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