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Beat the massive car and home insurance price hikes

The cost of car insurance rose at record rates with home cover premiums also soaring, according to the latest AA figures

13 April 2011

Government urged to tackle dodgy private parking firms

Plans to ban clamping in England and Wales are under consultation but Citizens Advice and Consumer Focus are concerned this isn't enough

12 April 2011

Halifax credit card holders urged to act ahead of looming rate hikes

Hbos is revamping the way it charges interest on credit cards which will initially see price cuts for many but with the likelihood they will soar later

12 April 2011

Unexpected fall in inflation but prices still up sharply

Inflation surprisingly dropped last month, weakening the prospect of an imminent interest rate hike by the Bank of England

12 April 2011

Mobile phone users waste £200 a year

Three quarters of mobile phone users in the UK could be wasting serious cash on the wrong contract

11 April 2011

Banking commission wants savers' deposits protected

British banks should ring-fence retail businesses from investment banking to protect deposits under proposals outlined by the Independent Commission on Banking

11 April 2011

Site to protect against rogue traders launches

Under the scheme from web firm Bondpay consumers pay it the cash which is kept in trust until the work is complete

11 April 2011

Households face squeeze as inflation bites

Households are facing the biggest peace-time squeeze in their spending power since 1921 as wages fail to keep up with soaring inflation

11 April 2011

First time buyers boost mortgage numbers

A small jump in the number of mortgages approved in February was driven by an increase in the number of first-time buyers

8 April 2011

Base rate held at 0.5% again

The Bank of England today announced it is holding the base rate at its 0.5% historic low for the 25th consecutive month

7 April 2011