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Energy prices still way higher than summer despite cuts

Recent cuts by major energy firms fail to make a dent in fuel bills after last year's gas and electricity price hikes

13 January 2012

Chancellor: child benefit cut will go ahead

George Osborne says it is only fair child benefit is removed from higher-rate taxpayers, following speculation of a Government rethink

13 January 2012

Npower to cut gas prices by 5% from next month

Npower becomes the fourth of the big six firms to announce a modest drop in the cost of energy

13 January 2012

British Gas cuts electricity prices by 5%

British Gas has today announced an average 5% reduction in its standard domestic electricity prices

12 January 2012

SSE to cut gas prices by 3.8%

Scottish and Southern Energy becomes the third major energy supplier to announce price cuts this week

12 January 2012

MPs demand action to put the brakes on car insurance price surge

The increase in claims for whiplash injury is the main cause of the rise in motor insurance premiums, MPs say

12 January 2012

Scottish Parliament to debate payday loan regulation

A Member of the Scottish Parliament will today call for the UK government to introduce stricter controls on payday lenders

12 January 2012

EDF Energy cuts gas bills by 5%

EDF increased its gas bills in November but says it will now cut them after a decline in the wholesale gas price

11 January 2012

Wonga branded 'morally offensive' for targeting students

Payday loan firm Wonga is at the centre of outrage for encouraging students to take one of its mega-expensive short-term loans to finance their studies

11 January 2012

Banks launch current account price war

New switching bribes mean for the first time five providers have hardcore promotions vying for the coveted best-buy crown

10 January 2012

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