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UK back in recession

The UK is back in recession after a surprise 0.2% contraction in the economy in the first quarter of the year

25 April 2012

Legal watchdog wants will writers regulated

Will writers in England and Wales should be regulated to give greater protection to consumers, says Legal Services Board

24 April 2012

Post Office to raise home phone prices

Home phone customers face a line rental hike, though the Post Office is cutting the cost of calls to mobiles

24 April 2012

FSA to contact 76,000 consumers on 'fraud list'

Nearly 80,000 people who feature in fraudsters' 'phone books' are to be contacted by the City watchdog

24 April 2012

Is the interest-only mortgage dead?

Interest-only mortgages are so hard to come by, leading broker David Hollingworth to question if the market's dead

23 April 2012

Huge squeeze hits family budgets

Families are feeling the biggest squeeze on their spending power in more than a year, a study warns today

23 April 2012

Consumers in the dark over sky-high PPI claims fees

Consumers are turning to expensive PPI claims management companies because they don't know how to claim themselves

23 April 2012

PPI summit: Commitment to help consumers reclaim for free

The PPI summit looked at ways to tackle unscrupulous claims management companies who exploit consumers

23 April 2012

Monarch hits flyers with credit card fee hike

Monarch's new charges mean the majority of its passengers will pay even more for the privilege of paying

21 April 2012

Petrol prices hit new high

After a brief halt following weeks of increases, the average cost of petrol has gone up to 142.48p a litre, says the AA

20 April 2012