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Barclays hit with gigantic £290m in fines after series of lies

Barclays lied about the rate it paid to borrow to reassure the market that lenders had more confidence it in

27 June 2012

Labour calls for fuel duty rise postponement

Ed Balls is urging the Government to use the Olympics underspend to cover the cost of scrapping an increase in fuel duty

26 June 2012

George Osborne: Fuel duty rise delayed until January

Chancellor George Osborne has delayed the planned rise in fuel duty until next year

26 June 2012

Hidden carers miss out on £1,000s in benefits help

Many who look after friends or family are entitled to benefits and other practical support from councils and charities

26 June 2012

NatWest/RBS customers targeted by fraudsters

NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers hit by huge banking problems are now being targeted by scam emails

26 June 2012

Bank of Cyprus UK savers get UK protection (as Cyprus asks for bailout)

Bank of Cyprus's 50,000 UK savers are now protected by our compensation scheme, as Cyprus asks for a bailout

25 June 2012

Daily deals firms get warning from OFT

Warning letters have been sent to 35 daily deals companies telling them to clean up their act

25 June 2012

Supermarkets cut petrol prices again

Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco will all cut petrol and diesel costs tomorrow

25 June 2012

Prime Minister David Cameron plans welfare crackdown

David Cameron will moot slashing benefits for families and young people today, in a major speech

25 June 2012

Banks agree to clearer PPI info

Banking giants have agreed to make it easier for consumers to find information on PPI

23 June 2012

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