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Paid-for EHIC applicants could get refund

A website that has an NHS URL, but is not an NHS site, offers consumers 30 days to cancel. But it may be shut down

22 June 2012

Airline duo axe debit card surcharges, but Easyjet & Ryanair won't follow suit

After Flybe and Thomson scrapped fees for paying on a bank card, the spotlight falls on Easyjet and Ryanair

22 June 2012

Major UK banks downgraded by Moody's

15 of the world's biggest institutions have been downgraded by ratings agency Moody's, including UK giants

22 June 2012

£570 million paid out in PPI claims in April

Lenders paid out £570.5 million compensation in April to PPI mis-selling victims

22 June 2012

1,400 face losses after Turnintocash goes bust

Gadget buying firm Turnintocash has gone bust, leaving hundreds of customers unlikely to get any return

22 June 2012

Hbos blamed for Farepak failure

A companies watchdog has abandoned a bid to penalise directors of the Christmas savings business

22 June 2012

NatWest nightmare persists: Q&A on your rights

Millions of NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers are still experiencing major problems, due to the meltdown

22 June 2012

Rate drop fuels cheap mortgage hope

Hopes of cheaper mortgage deals were fuelled this week after lenders' borrowing rates tumbled to an all-time low

21 June 2012

Banks axe debit card bureau de change fees

The dreaded debit card fee to take out foreign currency in the UK is slowly dying

21 June 2012

NatWest customers in lurch after meltdown

Millions of NatWest and RBS customers may be left without cash after 'technical problems' struck the bank

21 June 2012

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