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Surge in supermarket bargain hunting

The stigma of buying groceries on offer is dwindling, with almost 60% of shoppers now admitting to the practice

16 August 2012

Jobless total lowest for a year

Unemployment has fallen after a big jump in the number of people in work

15 August 2012

Phone stores 'misleading' on prices

The majority of mobile stores fail to explain the risk of rises, a study says

15 August 2012

PPI reclaiming getting easier

Providers have improved the PPI reclaiming process, following a campaign by MSE and Which?

14 August 2012

Rail fares could rise by 11.2% as inflation figures revealed

Hard-hit rail commuters face further misery, as it's been revealed some season tickets could go up by 11.2% next year

14 August 2012

Stay protected against festival foul-ups

Amid the summer festival season, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your belongings, and wallet

13 August 2012

Rory McIlroy US PGA victory boosts Santander savings

Santander promised it would up the rate paid on its Major Isa if the golfer it sponsors won a 'Major'

13 August 2012

Olympics knockers start cheering as support hits 87%

Olympics fever and Team GB's phenomenal success has led to a complete transformation in public attitude

11 August 2012

Homeowners 'to profit from property'

House price growth is projected to average 2% a year in real terms between 2012 and 2025, says a study

10 August 2012

Payday loan firm banned for allowing fraud then harassing victims

Lax measures allowed fraudsters to use 7,000 people's personal details to steal their identity and apply for loans

9 August 2012