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Nationwide launches interest-paying current account... but it's beatable

The building society will pay 2% on balances up to £2,500 but other rivals pay more

27 November 2012

Apply for winter fuel payments now to ease energy worries

Some households will be eligible for winter fuel and cold weather payments to help with cutting energy bills

27 November 2012

Asda and Tesco to cut petrol prices

The supermarkets' drops haven't led to a price war, while the cost of diesel remains unchanged

27 November 2012

Support cut for fuel-poor families

Government help for families struggling in fuel poverty has been reduced by more than a quarter since 2009

27 November 2012

Eon pays out £1.7m after billing blunder

The energy supplier will pay £1.4m redress and contribute £300,000 to a charity fund after overcharging 94,000

27 November 2012

Co-op launches lowest-ever five-year fixed mortgage

The deal has prompted brokers to suggest homeowners consider fixing their mortgage given the ultra-low offers available

26 November 2012

Spending squeeze remains tight

There's been no year-on-year improvement in people's real discretionary wealth, a Lloyds TSB report says today

26 November 2012

Insurance scheme for flood-prone homes under threat

A plan to help 200,000 homes get affordable flood insurance has been planned, but is the Government listening?

26 November 2012

Payday loans code of practice takes effect

Four trade associations, representing over 90% of the payday loan industry, have revised their codes of practice

26 November 2012

iPhone users still hit by surprise data roaming charges has had a large number of complaints since we asked users on Wednesday if they had been hit

23 November 2012