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London bus double charge threat with Oyster and contactless card combo

London bus passengers with both an Oyster card and a contactless credit or debit card could fall foul of their plastic

11 February 2013

EDF most complained-about energy firm

The energy giant was the most complained-about of the big six energy companies at the end of the last year

11 February 2013

Blow for 60,000 F&C child trust fund holders

Parents are up in arms after a child trust fund manager announced it's going to introduce an annual fee

11 February 2013

Mortgage rates hit record lows... but watch out for high fees

Some mortgages with higher headline rates may be more suitable, highlighting the importance of factoring in fees

8 February 2013

Post Office delays cuts after not alerting savers in advance

Some Post Office savers' rate cuts will be delayed from 17 January until 25 February, but not all are so lucky

8 February 2013

Council tax bills can be spread over a year from April

Households will soon be able to spread council tax payments over the full tax year, rather than the current 10 months

8 February 2013

Beware the credit card overpayment that isn't an overpayment

Customers who try to overpay on their credit card could find their attempt to clear more of their balance doesn't work

8 February 2013

Financial education to be added to the national curriculum

Secondary school students could be taught financial education as part of the national curriculum, under new proposals

7 February 2013

Scottish & Southern Energy: We'll pay you £20 for poor service

SSE has introduced a five-point customer service guarantee, and if it isn't met, the energy provider will pay you

6 February 2013

House prices rising again, Halifax says

Month-on-month house prices fell in January, but quarterly prices have seen their biggest price increase in three years

6 February 2013