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Cash Isa limit should be raised, says Nationwide

Nationwide is urging the Government to use next month's Budget to double the amount savers can place into cash Isas

28 February 2013

'Immoral' My Little Pony game tempts kids to spend £70 on 'virtual gems'

Parents should beware letting kids play the My Little Pony app, which charges up to £70 for in-app purchases

28 February 2013

Bank of Ireland hikes mortgage costs for thousands, breaking base rate tracker

13,500 customers with a Bank of Ireland base rate tracker mortgage should brace themselves as rates are set to soar

28 February 2013

More authorities increasing council tax bills

A survey finds 41% of councils in England plan to hike bills this year, up from 15% last year

28 February 2013

Ticket sellers targeted in booking fee crackdown

Theatre and music ticket sellers are told they must display booking fees clearly when customers buy online

27 February 2013

Payday loan crisis calls up 94%

The National Debtline charity took over 20,000 calls for help with payday loans in 2012, up 94% from the previous year

27 February 2013

British Gas profits up, months after hiking prices

The owner of British Gas has revealed a £606 million profit haul only months after hiking customer tariffs

27 February 2013

Half of meat-eaters happy to eat horse meat

Over half of meat-eaters would buy safe horse meat, our poll of almost 14,000 has found

26 February 2013

Apple UK urged to refund kids' iPad and iPhone app cash, after US lawsuit

MSE is calling for Apple UK customers to be compensated by iTunes, after it was revealed US users may get money back

26 February 2013

Plunging pound hits holidaymakers... how to make your cash go further

The pound is at a 16-month low against the resurgent euro, as well as being at a 31-month low against the US dollar

25 February 2013