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Air fare rises 'could be pegged back' at London airports

The CAA has unveiled a new airport charge plan, which could limit the fare rises imposed on passengers at these airports

30 April 2013

Hacked LivingSocial warns users to change passwords

Millions of LivingSocial users should change their passwords now after a security breach put customer data at risk

29 April 2013

Benefits shake-up: Universal credit trial begins

Universal credit, which replaces job seeker's allowance and other tax credits will be launched in four areas today

29 April 2013

Missed credit card and loan payments on the rise

One in five Britons have deliberately skipped a loan repayment in recent years because they cannot afford it

26 April 2013

Sweet-toothed MoneySaver scoops 200 chocolate bars for £2 at Tesco

One user took advantage of a deal in our weekly email to save big on sweets

26 April 2013

GDP up 0.3% as UK avoids triple-dip recession

Britain has avoided a triple-dip recession after the economy grew by 0.3% during the first quarter

25 April 2013

Car insurance costs fall

Car insurance costs are continuing to fall, with the average annual policy now under £747, according to the AA

25 April 2013

Lloyds branch sale to Co-op collapses

Lloyds Banking Group's sale of more than 600 branches to the Co-operative Group has fallen through

24 April 2013

Changing job? Your pension should follow you, Government says

New plans should make it easier for people to take pensions with them when they take up new jobs

24 April 2013

Nationwide customers hit by banking blunder

Many Nationwide customers have been unable to log into their accounts or carry out transactions following a glitch

23 April 2013