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Car insurance premiums fall at record rate

Car insurance rates fell by a record 14.1% in 2013, while home insurance premiums are also falling, says the AA

23 January 2014

Energy prices haven't fallen this year – watch the figures when switching

Energy firms now list lower annual tariff prices on their websites, but it doesn't mean real term costs have dropped

22 January 2014

Unemployment drops sharply – so are interest rates set to rise?

Unemployment has fallen to 7.1% – close to the figure which will be used to decide whether interest rates rise

22 January 2014

Amazon closes free delivery loophole – but you can still beat the charges

Amazon shoppers can no longer get free postage on goods under £10 delivered to home, but there are ways to get around it

22 January 2014

Filing a tax return? Avoid self-assessment copycat sites

If you're filing a self-assessment tax form, avoid sites that charge up to £1,000 when you can do it yourself for free

21 January 2014

TalkTalk drops charges for call-blocking services

New and existing TalkTalk home phone customers can now use landline privacy features free of charge

20 January 2014

'Middlemen' targeting payday loan borrowers with surprise fees

Credit brokers are preying on borrowers by 'posing' as payday lenders and charging unexpected fees, says Citizens Advice

20 January 2014

Boost your savings to 6%

While many savings accounts offer dismal sub-1% rates, there are always tricks to squeeze out better deals

17 January 2014

Apple to refund US kids' iPad and iPhone app cash – but what about UK families?

US iPad and iPhone users whose kids ran up bills making in-app game purchases will get their money back from Apple

16 January 2014

Worried about energy bills? Six steps to help you cope

Turn2us has launched a campaign with six key steps to help people on low incomes manage their energy bills

15 January 2014