TalkTalk has upped the cost of its value line rental for the second time this year, but existing customers will only be hit by the price rise if they renew their deal.

The telecoms giant upped the price of its value line rental, which is where you get a cheaper deal by paying upfront for the whole year rather than paying monthly, by over £30 on Saturday (9 August). (See our Cheap Home Phones guide for our best buys.)

It takes the price from £141/year (equivalent of £11.75/month) to £172.20/year (equivalent to £14.35/month), which makes it the most expensive upfront line rental of all the major providers.

TalkTalk last increased the price of its value line rental just over three and a half months ago on 29 April when prices rose from £126/year (equivalent of £10.50/month).

The provider says no other packages are affected by the value line rental price rise, but it adds that the price of some packages may increase in future.  

Who's affected by the price rise?

Customers who signed up and paid for TalkTalk's value line rental before 9 August won't be affected by the price change. However once their deal comes to an end they will be charged the new price if they decide to renew their value line rental for another year.

New customers have been charged the higher price since 9 August.

How does TalkTalk's value line rental compare?

If your provider offers the option, paying upfront is usually the cheapest way to get line rental. However, it doesn't mean an upfront deal is necessarily the cheapest overall package for you. This will depend on whether you're also after inclusive calls, broadband and digital TV. See our Cheap Home Phones and Cheap Broadband guides for the top deals.

If you are just after line rental, the table below shows how much the major providers charge.

Upfront line rental costs compared

Provider Upfront cost Cost if paying monthly Inclusive calls? Annual saving vs paying monthly
TalkTalk Value Line Rental £172.20, equiv £14.35/mth £15.95/mth None £19.20
BT Line Rental Saver £159.84, equiv £13.32/mth £15.99/mth Yes - weekend £32.04
Plusnet Line Rental Saver £155.88, equiv £12.99/mth £15.95/mth None £35.52
Virgin Media Line Rental Saver £144, equiv £12/mth £15.99/mth Yes - weekend £47.88
EE Yearly Line Rental Saver £132, equiv £11/mth £15.75/mth Yes - weekend £57
Post Office £120, equiv £10/mth £13/mth Yes - weekend £36

What does TalkTalk say?

A spokesperson for TalkTalk says: "From time to time price changes are necessary as we continue to improve our service. TalkTalk remains Britain's best value provider, offering the lowest priced packages, meaning TalkTalk homes make significant savings compared to other providers while also getting more for their money."

Additional reporting by David Puddicombe.