Update, 5pm Wed 16 Sep:  Unfortunately all 14,700 codes for this deal have now been snapped up. If you've already claimed one, you'll be able to redeem it between 10am on Fri 18 Sep and 11.59pm on Thu 24 Sep via this Sky line rent and broadband* link.

This content originally appeared in the MSE weekly email on 16 September 2015.

Broadband's one of the big bills – it mightn't seem it as we're charged monthly, but typical BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk line and broadband packages cost £300+/yr before calls. The key to cost-cutting is pouncing on hot promos. This is scorching.

  • Ridiculously hot Sky line and broadband code. MSE Blagged. On a year's contract you get half-price Sky* phone line rent (not calls) and with it 'free' unlimited up-to-17Mb speed broadband (available to 90% of the UK). In total this costs £110.35 over the year, but most of that is covered by the £105 bill credit we've blagged, so you hardly shell out anything. 

    Sadly though, it's NOT avail for existing Sky broadband/TV customers (or if you've had 'em in last 12 months) – its aim is to attract a bigger market share. Here's how you get it:

    1. Get a code NOW: There are only 14,700 codes available via this Sky link* (please only get one if you'll use it).
    2. Sign up from FRI until 24 Sep. Use your code to sign up – you'll need to pay a refundable £5 to verify your card. 
    3. We've blagged you £100 bill credit: So in month one you've £105 credit (the £100 plus the refundable £5). You're sent a 'free' router, but there's a £6.95 p&p, leaving you with £98.05 bill credit.
    4. This pays most of a year's half-price line rent with 'free' b'band. The line rent's half-price at just £8.20/mth (£98.40 over the year) and the b'band's 'free' for a year with it. Therefore all but 35p's covered by the bill credit. 
    5. So you only shell out £5.35 in total. That's £5 at the start and 35p in the last month. 

    What about calls? These aren't included. Call costs are similar to BT (see full call charges) or you can get an inclusive deal from £4/month. Of course, if you make any they'll use up the bill credit quicker, so you'll be paying out in the final month. Rack up £100+/mth of call charges (even if your account is in credit) and you'll be cut off till they're fully paid off.

    Don't have a line, or switching from cable? You'll pay £20. A few on standard lines may need to as well. You'll be told before you commit during the application process. See Installation Info.

    After the contract: You'll pay full-price line rental and £10/mth broadband - but you're free to leave. 

    Can it increase the line rental cost? Yes, though during the 12 month contract you'll only ever pay half of the standard line rental cost and if it did, you could leave penalty-free (not that you’d want to at this price).

  • Already with Sky? Some alternatives... There's TalkTalk broaband and line rent £187 for a year but you get a £120 voucher or this EE boadband and line rent, plus £100 voucher, also on a 12-month contract, for £183 for a year.