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Millions of pet owners risk paying £1,000s in vet bills

Millions of pet owners are risking bills totalling tens of thousands of pounds as they've not insured their animal

29 May 2018

Energy bills increase for more than five million households this week

More than five million people will see their energy prices rise this week as British Gas and Scottish Power price hikes

29 May 2018

Government trials online personal independence payment appeals - check if you're eligible

Claimants of the personal independence payment will be able to submit appeals online as part of a Government trial

29 May 2018

Energy firm reviews switching letters after exit fees error

Green Star Energy has been wrongly telling some customers nearing the end of their fix they'll have to pay exit fees

25 May 2018

Children 'expect to earn £1.5 million a year'

Youngsters expect to earn £1.5 million a year and reckon a loaf of bread costs £15

25 May 2018

TSB still can't say when its IT problems will be fixed - over a month after they started

TSB still hasn't given a fixed date on when its IT problems will be fully fixed - over a month after they started

25 May 2018

Energy price cap set to come into force in December

The new energy price cap is currently planned to come into effect in December, regulator Ofgem has revealed

25 May 2018

TSB cancels direct debits of customers who've switched away - and claims they've DIED

TSB has apologised after it apparently cancelled former customers' direct debits and told the firms they were dead

24 May 2018

Paid for a replacement iPhone battery with Apple? You could be due a refund

If you paid for a battery replacement last year at a cost of £79, Apple has promised to issue a refund of £54

24 May 2018

Charging families to sit together on flights is a safety risk, report warns

Families should not be charged to sit together on a plane aviation experts have warned

24 May 2018

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