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EE customers who joined over five years ago to be hit with price hike – here's how to beat it

EE customers who haven't upgraded or renegotiated their contract since before 23 January 2014 are to be hit with a 2.4% price hike – here's what to do if you're affected.

Most EE customers were hit with a 2.7% price rise back in March, but pay monthly customers who joined the network before 23 January 2014 will instead be hit with a price rise on 1 June, at a rate of 2.4% – meaning a typical increase of 45p/month.

All customers affected by the hike - which includes those with pay monthly tariffs but not pay as you go - will be notified from today, and as all will be outside the minimum term of their contract, they can cancel after giving 30 days' notice.

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Try to haggle or switch

If you're out of your minimum contract term – which you will be if you're affected by this rise – you can leave without paying any penalty. There's a good chance you can save by switching to a better deal, especially if your original contract involved paying for a handset.

Most should NEVER pay over £10/month for mobile use, particularly given more than two-thirds of mobile users consume less than 3GB/month. See our Mobiles section and Best Sim only Deals guide for full help on finding a cheaper deal elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you're willing to stick with EE, this is a chance to haggle a better deal – especially as you have the right to leave penalty-free. See our Mobile Haggling guide for more.

What does EE say?

An EE spokesperson said: "Like many service providers, our pay monthly plans increase by RPI (Retail Prices Index) annually, and this June customers who joined us before 23 January 2014 will typically see an increase of 45p a month on our most popular plans."

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