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Bank of Cyprus

Boost your savings to 6%

While many savings accounts offer dismal sub-1% rates, there are always tricks to squeeze out better deals

17 January 2014

Banks should warn over savings safety limit, survey says

Banks should make it clear to savers when their deposits exceed the £85,000 compensation limit, an FSCS survey has found

10 April 2013

Laiki Bank UK savers to escape Cyprus banking levy

Around 15,000 savers in the UK arm of Cypriot bank Laiki, will have their deposits protected under British rules

2 April 2013

Bank of Cyprus UK customers won't be hit by savings tax

Savers in Cyprus could have their deposits taxed, but Bank of Cyprus UK customers won't be affected

18 March 2013

Bank of Cyprus UK savers get UK protection (as Cyprus asks for bailout)

Bank of Cyprus's 50,000 UK savers are now protected by our compensation scheme, as Cyprus asks for a bailout

25 June 2012

Bank of Cyprus may get UK savings protection

Bank of Cyprus's 50,000 UK savers are likely to be protected by this country's compensation scheme from mid-July

6 June 2012

Hope of extra safety for Bank of Cyprus savers

Bank of Cyprus has announced its intention to incorporate to a UK company meaning savings could be protected by the FSCS

5 December 2011