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British Gas

British Gas owner in legal challenge to energy price cap

Energy firm Centrica - the parent company of British Gas - is seeking a judicial review of how energy regulator Ofgem has calculated the energy price cap

21 December 2018

British Gas price rise kicks in today – check now to see if you can save

Millions of British Gas dual fuel customers will be paying £44 more per year, on average, from today

1 October 2018

British Gas to hike prices for the second time this year

British Gas has announced it's putting up gas and electricity prices on 1 October

8 August 2018

Ofgem warns energy firms over forced installation of prepayment meters

British Gas, Ovo Energy and Utility Warehouse forcibly installed many more prepayment meters than their competitors

18 June 2018

Energy bills increase for more than five million households this week

More than five million people will see their energy prices rise this week as British Gas and Scottish Power price hikes

29 May 2018

Energy back-billing ban now in force

From today all energy firms are banned from back-billing customers beyond 12 months if the delay is not their fault

1 May 2018

British Gas to increase gas and electricity prices by 5.5%

British Gas has announced it will increase the price of its standard and temporary tariffs by 5.5% from the end of May

10 April 2018

British Gas scraps its standard tariff for new customers

British Gas has scrapped its standard tariff for new customers and those currently on a fixed deal

3 April 2018

Back-billing ban to apply to all energy firms

All energy firms will be banned from back-billing customers for more than 12 months under stricter new rules

5 March 2018