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Lloyds is worst offender for wrongly rejecting customer complaints

Lloyds Bank wrongly turned away the most complaints, with 74% of consumers' complaints upheld by the ombudsman

24 February 2015

Should you call your bank before going abroad?

When you use your card to make purchases abroad, it can mean you display an abnormal spending pattern

8 July 2014

PPI mis-selling victims 'could have been underpaid by £1bn'

There could be a £1 billion shortfall in the compensation received by complainants, according to an investigation

5 June 2014 and Which? team up for PPI help leaflet and Which? have teamed up to help consumers reject unfair PPI redress offers from banks

16 May 2014

100 days to Christmas: 12 do-nows to spend less on the big day

The best time to start saving is January, but with 100 days to go till Christmas, there are still ways to save big

16 September 2013

Taking cards abroad: Should I tell my bank?

Does telling your debit or credit card provider you're going on holiday make a difference? The answer is: yes and no

1 July 2013

Savvy MoneySaver plays bank system to make £1,000s

A retired headteacher makes hundreds of pounds each year by switching his savings and using cashback credit cards

1 May 2013

Barclays and Lloyds TSB top complaints bad boy league as PPI gripes soar

Barclays and Lloyds TSB are the worst of the major banks for wrongly dismissing customer complaints, says the Ombudsman

5 March 2013

Lloyds TSB and MBNA worst for fobbing off complaints

Lloyds and MBNA are the worst of the major banks for fobbing off consumers, new data from the Ombudsman shows

11 September 2012

PPI reclaiming getting easier

Providers have improved the PPI reclaiming process, following a campaign by MSE and Which?

14 August 2012