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Financial Education Petition

Financial education: MPs say vulnerable under-25s need more help

More should be done to ensure vulnerable young people outside of mainstream schooling receive financial education

29 October 2013

It's official: Financial education to be compulsory in schools

Financial education will form a part of the compulsory national curriculum in England from September 2014

12 September 2013

Young people have 'dangerous gaps' in money knowledge, charity says

Young people are entering their adult life with 'dangerous gaps' in their money management skills, according to Pfeg

3 June 2013

Financial education to be added to the national curriculum

Secondary school students could be taught financial education as part of the national curriculum, under new proposals

7 February 2013

Report calls for financial education in colleges

Further education and sixth form colleges should be teaching students money basics, a report says

18 September 2012

Prime Minister responds on financial education in schools

David Cameron has replied to Martin Lewis's open letter on ensuring kids are given money lessons

17 January 2012

Financial education debate: Government to consider compulsory money lessons

MPs today called for financial education to be compulsory at a debate in the House of Commons. The Government said it would listen

15 December 2011

MPs' report calls for financial education in schools

Financial education is needed in schools says the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People

12 December 2011

Government responds to compulsory financial education petition

The Government wants money lessons but won't commit to compulsory teaching, in what's been described as

7 November 2011

Ed Balls calls for compulsory financial education

The Shadow Chancellor has given his backing to our petition calling for financial education to be compulsory in schools

9 September 2011