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App games which tempt kids to spend cash face crackdown

Games firms shouldn't pressure children into spending money while playing games on phones or tablets, the OFT says

26 September 2013

Warning: Are your kids playing these iPhone app games? has found a host of iPhone games which charge up to £70 a pop for virtual items

12 April 2013

'Immoral' app games which tempt kids to spend cash face OFT probe

The OFT has launched an investigation into whether children are being unfairly pressured into making in-app purchases

12 April 2013

'Immoral' My Little Pony game tempts kids to spend £70 on 'virtual gems'

Parents should beware letting kids play the My Little Pony app, which charges up to £70 for in-app purchases

28 February 2013

Apple UK urged to refund kids' iPad and iPhone app cash, after US lawsuit

MSE is calling for Apple UK customers to be compensated by iTunes, after it was revealed US users may get money back

26 February 2013

'My 6yr-old spent £3,200 playing iPhone game' – how to stop it

See our tips to limit spending on Apple's iPhone and iPad, and on Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy

19 February 2013

How cheap is the iPad Mini?

A cheaper version of the iPad appears next week, which may appeal to those who can't afford a standard Apple tablet

25 October 2012

Ryanair launches booking app... but at £2.49 for the pleasure

The budget airline launched the iPhone/iPad app today, yet its rivals don't charge for a similar service

4 September 2012

RBS and NatWest allow card-less cash withdrawals

RBS and NatWest customers with their bank's mobile banking app can take money from an ATM without a debit card

13 June 2012

Price drop for iPad 2 after 'new iPad' launch

The price of the iPad 2 has fallen by £70, following Apple's eagerly-awaited launch last night

8 March 2012

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