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Line Rental

Sky TV customers face 2.5% price hike

Some Sky TV customers will be hit with average price rises of 2.5% from 1 September, it has been revealed

2 July 2013

Primus blunder sees customers not told about price hike

Primus has delayed increasing line rental charges for some customers, after it emerged they hadn't been told about it

12 April 2013

10,000 Sky customers face 18% line rental price hike

Affected Sky customers will see their line rental costs increase to 14.50 a month from 1 June

5 April 2013

Primus customers hit by service woes

Complaints about home phone and broadband provider Primus have escalated over the past few weeks

28 January 2013

Free broadband for Tesco Mobile users - but is it worth it?

Tesco Mobile users can get 12 months free broadband if they sign up by the end of 2012 - but have to pay line rental too

25 September 2012

Orange ends free broadband

To continue getting free broadband Orange mobile customers now have to pay for the provider's line rental

29 August 2012

BT hikes prices for millions

Cost of landlines, calls, broadband & BT Vision to go up from 5 Jan 2013

27 August 2012

Primus raises line rental for thousands of customers

Primus is increasing its line rental prices for 45,000 of its customers this August

29 June 2012

TalkTalk raises prices for millions of customers

Millions of TalkTalk customers face a line rental price increase from May, but can escape contracts penalty-free

1 April 2012

Home phone and broadband prices on the rise

Virgin Media, O2 and Orange have all announced an array of price rises to come into force over the coming months

7 February 2012