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One million face mortgage rate rise

More than a million home owners will see the cost of their mortgage payments increase from today

1 May 2012

Is the interest-only mortgage dead?

Interest-only mortgages are so hard to come by, leading broker David Hollingworth to question if the market's dead

23 April 2012

Building society breaks tracker mortgage deal to quadruple rates

A group of Manchester Building Society mortgage holders face an unprecedented rise in home loan costs of £1,000s

17 April 2012

Is mortgage insurance a better bet than a fix?

Mortgage holders who want to cap their costs have an alternative to simply getting a new home loan

27 March 2012

Mortgage misery as Halifax and RBS raise standard rates

Over a million homeowners will be hit with payment hikes as two of the country's biggest lenders raise mortgage rates

4 March 2012

Interest-only mortgages could be 'thing of the past'

Interest-only mortgages could become harder to come by after Santander raised the minimum deposit required to take out the loans

9 February 2012

Eurozone crisis could force mortgage rates up

Mortgage rates could rise as a result of the eurozone crisis, some experts fear

14 November 2011

Interest-only borrowers could be mortgage 'prisoners'

Many who took an interest-only deal can't switch to a cheaper loan because lenders now have stricter qualifying criteria

6 October 2011

Chelsea's top 10-year fixed mortgage that comes with a catch

Chelsea Building Society has launched a market-leading 10-year fixed rate mortgage but experts warn it may not be suitable for all

26 August 2011

Guest Comment: Beware the 'fix now!' mortgage plea

'Fix now!' is the message you'll hear from many mortgage experts. But as broker David Hollingworth says, they have no crystal ball

5 August 2011