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Minimum wage

Minimum wage rise takes effect

The national minimum wage increases today, but workers will lose out in real terms

1 October 2013

Minimum wage up by 12p per hour from October

The national minimum wage will increase for adults, young people and apprentices from 1 October this year

15 April 2013

'No gain' from minimum wage rises

Low-paid workers will suffer a wage cut in real terms despite an increase from today in the national minimum wage

1 October 2012

Minimum wage to rise by less than 2%

The 1.8% rise is way below the most recent RPI inflation figures which recorded a 3.9% rise in January

19 March 2012

900,000 to get minimum wage rise

900,000 workers will get a pay rise when the minimum wage breaks through the £6-an-hour barrier this weekend

29 September 2011

Below-inflation rise in minimum wage announced

The minimum wage will increase by 15p to £6.08 but the 2.5% rise is lower than the 5.5% rate of Retail Prices Index inflation

7 April 2011