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Warning! Re-Give savings not protected

A new organisation marketing high interest rates has none of the protections offered by banks and building societies

16 July 2012

Bank of Cyprus UK savers get UK protection (as Cyprus asks for bailout)

Bank of Cyprus's 50,000 UK savers are now protected by our compensation scheme, as Cyprus asks for a bailout

25 June 2012

Savers lose nearly £18 billion a year

Record low interest rates and multi-billion-pound emergency measures from the Bank of England are hitting deposits

18 June 2012

Can you double your savings interest?

It may sound like nonsense, but many savers can more than double their interest using the savings fountain

13 June 2012

Banks told to display clear FSCS savings protection info

Banks will soon be made to show clearer info on how much compensation savers could claim if a provider went bust

28 May 2012

Open new tax year cash Isas now

The new tax year starts today, so savers should consider putting their money into an Isa ASAP

6 April 2012

Euro crisis: How safe are Santander savings?

The eurozone crisis threatens to destabilise Europe's banking system, so what does that mean for the Spanish giant?

10 October 2011

Derbyshire launches highest-paying easy access savings in 20 months

Derbyshire Building Society has today launched the top easy-access savings rate for nearly two years

28 September 2011

Banking commission wants savers' deposits protected

British banks should ring-fence retail businesses from investment banking to protect deposits under proposals outlined by the Independent Commission on Banking

11 April 2011