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Payday lenders to share real-time information on borrowers

Payday lenders are to use an information sharing service on consumers' borrowing habits to help improve loan decisions

15 January 2014

Letting agency fees 'truly out of control'

Tenants are having to go without food and heating to cover 'out of control' letting agency costs, says Shelter

12 June 2013

Cost of renting a home falls slightly

Private rents in England and Wales fell for the fourth month in a row in February - but by just 0.1%

15 March 2013

Tenants 'forced to use payday loans' to beat rent hikes

Shelter says renters are resorting to payday loans and dipping into their children's savings to hang onto their homes

14 March 2013

25% 'ripped off' by letting agents

Almost a quarter of people feel they have been landed with unfairly high fees by letting agents

4 September 2012

Millions cut back on food bills

More than a third of people have reduced their food spending in the last year to help cover their rent or mortgage

19 January 2012

Millions use payday loans and overdrafts to pay the mortgage

One in seven Britons has turned to a payday loan or unauthorised overdraft to cover rent or mortgage costs, Shelter says

4 January 2012

Riot victims help: personal insurance, business insurance, crisis loans

Find out what help is on hand if you've been affected by the disorder

9 August 2011