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Funding for Lending scheme scrapped for homebuyers

The Bank of England scraps its Funding for Lending scheme for homebuyers, now the property market is on the up

28 November 2013

House prices up at fastest rate for three years

House price rises are gathering pace, Nationwide Building Society says

27 September 2013

Half of UK 'struggling to next payday', study says

Nine million more Britons are struggling with their finances, the Money Advice Service says

2 August 2013

Rising air fares see inflation take off

A 22% rise in the cost of air travel led to a rise in inflation in May

18 June 2013

UK escapes recession

The UK climbed out of the double-dip recession with a bang between July and September as the economy returned to growth

25 October 2012

Base rate held and no further QE

Bank of England policymakers decided against unleashing further emergency support for the recovery today

4 October 2012

Double-dip recession not as deep as feared

Revised figures reveal a smaller contraction in the second quarter of the year than previously expected

27 September 2012

Household incomes 'should rise in 2013'

Households will get an increase in real income next year for the first time since the credit crunch, research says

17 September 2012

George Osborne upbeat despite growth fears

The Chancellor insists there are

7 September 2012

Nationwide: House prices up 1.3%

House prices have recorded their biggest monthly rebound in more than two-and-a-half years, says Nationwide

31 August 2012