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Jobless total lowest for a year

Unemployment has fallen after a big jump in the number of people in work

15 August 2012

Graduate starting pay to rise 6%

Starting salaries for graduates are set to rise by 6% to an average of £26,500, according to new research

4 July 2012

Jobless down, but more on the dole

The jobless total dropped 51,000 to 2.61m in the quarter to April but the number claiming jobseeker's allowance rose

20 June 2012

Low-paid 'need minimum wage rise'

An increase in the minimum wage is required to protect low-income workers, Oxfam says

14 June 2012

Benefits changes may push workers onto the dole

Retail workers could be better off on the dole because of tax credit changes brought in under the last Budget

11 June 2012

Jobless get walloped when buying insurance

The unemployed are sometimes charged over five times more for their insurance than those in work

25 May 2012

Unemployment down but outlook 'uncertain'

The Government was given some welcome good news on the jobs front today when unemployment fell by 45,000

16 May 2012

Unemployment to 'keep on rising'

Unemployment is set to continue rising over the next five years in most parts of the UK, a new report says

8 May 2012

Unemployment hits 16-year high

The jobless figure jumped by 48,000 in the three months to December to 2.67 million, the highest since the end of 1995

15 February 2012

Jobs market 'set to get worse'

Firms are scaling back decisions on whether to recruit more staff amid global economic 'turmoil', a new report says

14 November 2011