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Energy price predictions: with wholesale prices down, what does it mean for bills?

Wholesale prices - what energy providers pay for gas and electricity - have fallen to historic lows

3 November 2015

Energy prices still heading up despite Government action, experts say

Energy firms have promised to freeze prices after the Government cut green levies, but prices are set to rise long-term

6 February 2014

Energy prices: 'The only way is up'

Households should prepare for energy price hikes, not just over the coming year, but over the next five years too

28 May 2013

Energy prices outlook: time to fix?

There are fears the price of energy could jump later this year, at a time when fixes look attractive

7 August 2012

Will the big freeze hit energy bills?

Energy insiders say a surge in wholesale prices due to the cold snap may delay future price cuts

3 February 2012

Huge energy price cuts 'unlikely'

Households have been warned not to expect huge price falls if the big six energy firms cut costs

10 January 2012

Ovo cancels energy price hike but don't expect big six to follow

Ovo Energy is axing plans to increase energy costs due to a drop in the price it pays for gas and electricity

24 November 2011

Guest Comment: Why are energy prices increasing?

Utilyx energy expert Andrew Horstead says Britain is facing an energy 'trilemma' and consumers stand to pay the price

11 July 2011